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Canon Ink Cartridges

Canon Ink Cartridges

Canon Ink Cartridges

As you may be aware, Canon have recently announced they will be closing their online shop at the end of September. Don’t worry, you will still be able to purchase canon ink cartridges and papers from Inkjet Online. We have been a Canon retailer for many years now.

Let’s be honest, we know Canon’s shop prices were a bit expensive. You may not have been aware you have other options when replacing canon ink cartridges.  Online suppliers, including Inkjet Online, provide a much better price for customers. We offer genuine canon consumables at cheaper prices than Canon themselves and have been doing so for over 20 years.

Personally, I love my Canon printers. I have quite a few.  All inkjet models except for one, which is a colour laser printer.  Canon printers are really reliable machines. Out of the box they are easy to set up and use.  When I’m due for a new model, I’m planning to give one of the ink bottle refillable printers a go.  They might seem a little pricey first up, but the running costs are much lower.  Another great thing, you can use genuine canon ink in the tanks.

I have found Canon’s tech support outstanding too. When one of my printers was having trouble with the print head, I contacted support on a weekend and received an answer the same day. Basically my print head had reached the end of it’s life and I wanted to confirm before I disposed of my machine. Wasn’t worth replacing the print head as the machine wasn’t that expensive. It had a good run, 10 years!

Ready to shop for Canon ink?

You can shop with us by using your printer model or ink cartridges numbers.  Simply put the machine model or the cartridge number in the search box and the website will do the rest. Scroll down and click view all products.  All the cartridges available for your machine will be displayed, both genuine and generic options.  We also have available Canon photo papers in a range of size and finishes.





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