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Were Back For 2021 Inkjet Online

We’re back for 2021!

Wow what a crazy year 2020 was – everyone’s glad to see the back of it. Certainly made challenging times for us along with our delivery partners. Supplies of ink cartridges and hardware items, printers being the main ones became difficult to source. Welcome to the new world, ha ha. Hopefully 2021 will be a bit easier and stock supplies a bit more reliable.

Thanks To Our Customers

The team at Inkjet Online would like to thank our loyal customers for their support throughout 2021.  We feel extremely thankful to have survived the year when so many other businesses in Australia have not.  The business landscape certainly took a drastic change as we all had to adapt and re-think the way our businesses operated.

Thank You from Inkjet Online

2020 was definately a year of change for Inkjet Online.  We launched our new website in late March and then had to deal with the impacts of COVID19 and the many supply issues it created.

New Website Launched

Our new website was launched in late March.  Customers have adapted and appreciated the new features it has offered them. We have enjoyed the website ourselves.  It has enabled a much more user friendly and customer orientated shopping experience. 

We can now offer a rewards program to say thanks for shopping with us.  Just register and you can automatically earn points when you purchase product.

Inkjet Online and COVID

The Impacts of COVID19

There were significant impacts to many businesses due to COVID19 in 2020.  For us, the main impact was supply issues.   Supply of stock to Australia was severely impacted due to the shut down of manufacturing plants internationallly.  Planes were grounded so there was freight issues both into Australia and internally from state to state.  

Inkjet Online 2021

Welcome 2021

The warehouses across Australia are freshly stocked with inks, toners, papers and hardware!

Couriers are delivering orders across Australia.

Let’s go – 2021!

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