Epson Eco Tank Printers

Epson Eco Tank Printers

Epson Eco Tank Printers

They have been around for a while now, but you may not be aware of the new range of Epson printers available to consumers – the eco tank. What is an eco tank printer? A printer that you can refill with liquid ink, no ink cartridges. Running costs are now so low. Epson are the major players in this type of inkjet printer. It’s well worth thinking about for colour printing.

Epson have many models to choose from. Home users, small offices and commercial machines – they have an option for all. You will find the machines are more expensive but the running costs are minimal, so it’s a great investment.

The first advantage – no ink cartridges. When you need to refill your Eco Tank you are able to refill the tank with genuine Epson ink. Epson’s EcoTank replacement ink bottles offer thousands of vivid pages while delivering genuine Epson quality. When it comes time to buy more ink, you save up to 80 percent with low-cost replacement ink bottles. Eco Tank printers hold their ink in refillable tanks, rather than expensive cartridges. This means that users can buy ink bottles that contain a ridiculous amount of ink and fill as needed, rather than worrying that cartridges will dry out.

Epson Eco Tank Ink

Are Epson Eco Tank Printers easy to refill

Ink tanks are also significantly easier to refill than installing a cartridge. Eco Tank ink bottles feature exclusive auto stop technology, with each colour uniquely keyed for easy filling of each tank.Take advantage of each ink bottle’s drip free nozzle and resealable cap to cut down the risk of accidents. Eco Tank means no last minute trips to the store to get a document printed out before a big meeting. No more black ink stains on your nice work shirt or skirt. Seriously, no cartridges – just genuine Epson liquid ink. It literally means value for money and convenience. The planet will thank you – no more cartridges.

Need a bit of help? Printer not working? Have a browse of Epson’s technical support page. They have heaps of information that might just solve your problem. As part of an ongoing commitment to provide Epson (Australia) customers with access to technical information, you will find here an extensive array of technical material covering the complete range of Epson products. Epson regularly update their technical information, providing Epson customers with the latest and most relevant technical information for all products.


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