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Canon Photo Papers

Canon Photo Papers

You can produce amazing results with your printer using a Canon photo paper. Photo paper is paper that is specifically made for printing photos on to. There are several different types of paper, ranging from matte, through to high gloss, and of various thicknesses and sizes. You can achieve exceptionally rich colours, giving your images the look and feel of a traditional photograph. Print your favourite memories using our wide range of photo paper and other special products. With both gloss and matte paper, as well as other special styles, at Inkjet Online, we are sure to have the type of paper that you need to
remember your favourite moments.

Find the right Canon inkjet paper for you. Canons printers have a range of features and printing amazing photos is so easy – your printer will do the work for you. All you have to do is tell it which type and size of paper you are printing on. Your printer will then use the appropriate inks for the best results. Canon have produced a range of finishes and sizes so you can achieve the perfect print, the first time. Whether you are creating professional quality studio prints or keeping your children entertained with creative projects Canon have you covered. If you’re not great at designing, check out Canon Creative Park.
They have heaps of designs from cards, easter projects, birthday cards, so much and it’s really quite fun. I’ve made a Christmas tree with hanging decorations last year. Heaps of fun and very entertaining 🙂

Photo Printing At Home

If you’re just printing with plain paper in your Canon printer you’re missing out. Okay so I might be slightly obsessed with Canon printing. Just looking around my office at home, I do have four Canon printers. Yes I know, my family think I’m nuts – might be, but I do love Canon. They are so easy to use and produce brilliant results which is why I always go back to Canon.

They just produce the best results and usability is so easy. I do be sure to use genuine Canon ink cartridges and papers in my machines so I am producing the best possible results. Tech support is great too. I had a question over a weekend and a tech support guru answered my email on the weekend within an hour. Very impressive. Well back to the Canon papers 🙂

Uncover the full potential of your Canon Pixma printer and experience fast, photo lab quality photo printing at home. Choose glossy, semi-gloss or matte paper to recreate your holiday or family photos in vivid colours. And don’t forget to have a browse of Creative Park. Seriously good designs and projects. For those big kids, like me, you’ll find something you want to make – they can get quite intricate – almost like doing a puzzle 🙂

Different Finishes of Canon Photo Papers

So I’ve explained a little bit about the finishes of Canon photos papers below. It will get you started if you’ve never tried a specialty paper before in your printer. It can be a bit daunting as there are quite a few choices – hopefully will help you a bit.  I guess it breaks down into the three finishes – gloss, semi-gloss or satin and matte. There are papers in 4″ x 6″ which is the traditional photo size, A4 and even A3 options.  These papers are designed for use with Canons’ range of Pixma printers, which are inkjet printers.  The special coating is designed for inkjet printers only, they are not suitable for use with laser printers.

Canon GP701
This paper is ideal for everyday printing with photo lab quality. The GP701 glossy paper is perfect for printing holiday photos, and creative crafts with a glossy finish at home or in the office. This is available in A4 size and in a bulk pack of 100 sheets, which is great value. It has a rating of 4 stars and has a weight of 200gsm.

Canon PP301
The perfect photo paper for superior quality output with a glossy finish. It provides the perfect finish for digital photos and all your reprints. The PP-301 has a rating of 5 stars which means it has a high gloss finish. With a weight of 265gsm it will give you real photo results and won’t curl when printed. This premium paper is available in a range of sizes which include 4″ x 6″, A4, A3 and also A3+ sizes. It’s one of Canon’s most popular photo papers.

Canon SG201
This satin finish paper boasts the texture of real photographic paper. As a high quality paper, it produces brilliant photos with reduced glossiness for a softer finish. If you’re not a fan of the glossy paper finishes, try a semi-gloss. It is a bit softer and in between the gloss and matte finishes. The SG201 is available in both A4 and 4″x6″ sizes and has a weight of 260gsm.

Canon MP101
So the gloss and sem-gloss papers are not for you – the matte finish will be perfect. The MP101 Matte Photo Paper produces high quality photos, graphics and text with a matte finish. It’s also suitable for creative uses, such as greetings cards, displays and paper craft. Try printing a black and white or greyscale photo with this photo paper. It looks simply stunning. Crisp and clear. Greyscale images look quite stunning. Available in 4″ x 6″, A4 and A3 sizes and has a weight of 170gsm.

Canon PT101
The Pro Platinum is a professional studio finish photo paper offering outstanding quality and fade resistance. With wide colour reproduction, this glossy heavyweight paper extends the creative potential of photographers. It has a weight of 300gsm and has a 7 star rating and has a super high gloss finish.

Canon LU101
The Pro Luster allows you achieve vivid colour and stunning monochrome photographic printing with a smooth satin photo lab finish. It’s a professional lightweight photo paper with a weight of 265gsm. Print and create at home with confidence.

You have to seriously take a look at Canon Creative Park. They have so many designs and templates to print. Need a card? Now worries, Canon have designs for every possible event or celebration. Check out their range of craft models, and there’s even a range of puzzle.   Have a browse, each design will specify which type and size paper is needed for the project.

From photo stickers, T-shirt transfers, magnetic, nail stickers, business presentation paper to matte paper ideal for greeting cards, calendars and amazing 3D paper crafts, Canon’s creative media takes your creativity in new directions.

Magnetic Photo Paper MG101
Accessorise your home or office with Canon’s Magnetic Photo Paper MG-101 and make your own creative, photo displays.

Removable Photo Stickers RP101
Transform photos into sharable gifts or cool decorations for your home, laptop or phone case. This 260 gsm paper has a matte surface finish and can adhere to walls, mirrors, mugs, or many other hard surface objects that you may want to personalize. Its restickable backing allows you to remove, adjust, or then place your prints in another location.

Printable Nail Stickers NL101
Make your creative nail designs a reality with Canon’s Printable Nail Stickers and match your nails to your mood, clothes or event with the nail sticker app for iOS and Android.

Light Fabric Iron-on Transfers LF101
Unleash your inner fashionista with Canon’s user-friendly iron-on transfers, specially designed for light-coloured fabrics.

Dark Fabric Iron-on Transfers DF101
Try your hand at fashion design with Canon’s easy-to-use iron-on transfers. Specially designed for darker fabrics, you can use your photos and images to give clothes, bags and other accessories a speedy refresh.

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