Canon Mega Tank

Introducing the Canon Mega Tank

What’s a Mega Tank? Sounds intriguing doesn’t it 🙂 Well you may not be aware but Canon have a range of ink printers known as the Pixma Mega Tank. These printers use large ink bottle refills rather than ink cartridges for more efficient printing which could be a big cost saving in the long term. Low cost colour printing has arrived.

Yes, that’s right, they are refilled with bottle ink – you simply squeeze the genuine Canon ink into the machine’s tanks – no more ink cartridges!!  Canon has several models of megatank printers available, all with a range of different features.  The printers will be a little more expensive to buy but the running costs are so low, it’s well worth the investment.

Benefits of a Canon megatank printers

What are MegaTank printers?
Canon MegaTank continuous ink printers offer you convenient and cost effective printing. Designed with refillable ink tanks that last longer, you’ll be sure to save money on ink.

Printing You Can Depend On
Enjoy high-quality and low-cost printing with a MegaTank continuous ink printer. MegaTank inks last for months or even years to come and won’t run out on you when you need it most.

Easily Refillable Ink Tanks
MegaTank printers feature integrated ink tanks that are clearly visible, making it easy to know when they need refilling. Quickly and easily top up your tanks yourself with no fuss or mess using Canon’s continuous ink bottles.

Reduce Waste
With significantly higher page yields and less frequent ink purchases compared to standard ink cartridges, MegaTank continuous ink bottles reduce the amount of packaging waste that goes into landfill.

Enjoy your Canon mega tank with creative park designs

Have a bit of fun with your Canon megatank printer, take a look at Canon Creative Park. I built a christmas tree with hanging ornaments and was heaps of fun. Yes I’m a big kid. They have so many designs and templates to print. Need a card? No worries, Canon have designs for every possible event or celebration. Check out their range of craft models, and there’s even a range of puzzles.   Have a browse, each design will specify which type and size paper is needed for the project.

From photo stickers, T-shirt transfers, magnetic, nail stickers, business presentation paper to matte paper ideal for greeting cards, calendars and amazing 3D paper crafts, Canon’s creative media takes your creativity in new directions.

These papers can also be a bit of fun, magnetic paper, stickers, nail stickers and iron on transfer paper.

Magnetic Photo Paper MG101
Accesorise your home or office with Canon’s Magnetic Photo Paper MG-101 and make your own creative, photo displays.

Removable Photo Stickers RP101
Transform photos into sharable gifts or cool decorations for your home, laptop or phone case. This 260 gsm paper has a matte surface finish and can adhere to walls, mirrors, mugs, or many other hard surface objects that you may want to personalize. Its restickable backing allows you to remove, adjust, or then place your prints in another location.

Printable Nail Stickers NL101
Make your creative nail designs a reality with Canon’s Printable Nail Stickers and match your nails to your mood, clothes or event with the nail sticker app for iOS and Android.

Light Fabric Iron-on Transfers LF101
Unleash your inner fashionista with Canon’s user-friendly iron-on transfers, specially designed for light-coloured fabrics.

Dark Fabric Iron-on Transfers DF101
Try your hand at fashion design with Canon’s easy-to-use iron-on transfers. Specially designed for darker fabrics, you can use your photos and images to give clothes, bags and other accessories a speedy refresh.

I have to say, I have found Canons Technical support brilliant.  Having trouble with one of my printers on a weekend, I sent out an email, not really expecting an answer until the Monday but received one within a couple of hours – and on a weekend too.  The technician was able to confirm for me what I feared – the print head had come to the end of its life.  Did have a good run though, so I can’t complain.

If you have any trouble with your Canon printer the Canon team are ready to help.  They have heaps of helpful links which may answer your question or query.  If not, you can send off an email and even live chat if available.

Canon have dedicated service technicians in every state to have a look at your machine, if it’s not operating properly.  They’ll get to the bottom of the issue for you.

Sometimes your issue can be fixed by using genuine Canon inks and papers.  You be surprised what havoc generic ink cartridges and cheap papers can mess up your printer and cause you no end of trouble.  Cheap paper can cause paper dust which coats the printers paper rollers and also the print head.  Generic ink cartridges may cause damage to the print head if run dry, you’ll burn out the print head.  Do yourself a favour, and make it easier on the technician, use genuine supplies 🙂


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