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Kembla Greeting Cards & Wrapping Paper

Kembla Greeting Cards and Wrapping Papers

Well this is a new exciting product line for us, the Kembla range of greeting cards and wrapping papers. There are some truly beautiful designs to choose from. Kembla is an Australian range and supports indigenous artists and their communities.

Who is the Kembla Community?

The Kembla Community works with some of Australia’s most talented Indigenous artists, along with new up & coming artists. You’ll find their work on the range of greeting cards and wrapping paper.

One group they work closely with is the art community. They’ve established an Indigenous Art Series program and the goal is to help talented Indigenous artists achieve financial independence. Together they design and make artistic products. Royalties from the sale of every item is paid directly to the artists they work with. The Kembla Community supports Indigenous Artists.

If you’d like to find out more about Kembla, click here

Kembla Greeting Cards

Beautiful designs. A5 size, lightweight cards.

Kembla Wrapping Paper

Assorted designs …

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