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Get the Most Out of Your HP Printer: A Guide to HP 67 Ink Cartridges

Get the Most Out of Your HP Printer: A Guide to HP 67 Ink Cartridges

This guide equips you with everything you need to know about HP 67 ink cartridges for your HP printer, compatible with models like the HP Deskjet 2720e, HP Deskjet 2722, HP Deskjet 2330, HP Deskjet 4122, HP Envy 6020, HP Envy 6030, HP Envy 6034, HP Envy Pro 6420, and HP Envy Pro 6430.

Understanding Page Yield

Ever wondered how many pages a single cartridge can print? That’s where page yield comes in. It’s an industry standard that estimates the number of pages a cartridge can print using a test document with 5% ink coverage. In simpler terms, it reflects how long a cartridge lasts based on light printing.

Choosing the Right HP 67 Cartridge

HP 67 cartridges come in various options to suit your printing needs:

  • HP 67 Black: Prints up to 120 pages (great for basic text documents)
  • HP 67XL Black: High-yield cartridge, prints up to 240 pages (ideal for frequent black ink printing)
  • HP 67 Colour: Prints up to 100 pages (perfect for occasional colour printing)
  • HP 67XL Colour: High-yield cartridge, prints up to 200 pages (ideal for regular colour printing)
  • HP 67XXL Black: Extra high-yield cartridge, prints up to 400 pages (perfect for heavy black ink users)

Why Choose Original HP 67 Cartridges?

While compatible cartridges exist, opting for genuine HP 67 cartridges offers several advantages:

  • Reliable Quality and Performance: Engineered for seamless operation with your HP printer.
  • Accurate Ink Levels: Get accurate readings to avoid printing delays.
  • Flawless Prints: Consistent, high-quality prints that resist smudging and fading.
  • Peace of Mind: Avoid potential problems like incompatibility or frustrating print issues.
  • Firmware Compatibility: Ensures smooth operation with the latest printer updates.

Eco-Friendly Printing with HP Ink Recycling

Original HP 67 cartridges are designed with the environment in mind. Hewlett Packard offers convenient recycling programs like Cartridges 4 Planet Ark, allowing you to responsibly dispose of your used cartridges.

Storing and Replacing HP 67 Cartridges

Here are some tips for optimal cartridge care:

  • Store unopened cartridges in their original packaging to prevent ink drying out.
  • Replace cartridges only when prompted by your printer to avoid unnecessary ink usage.

Replacing Cartridges is Easy!

Follow these simple steps to replace your HP 67 cartridges:

  1. Turn on the printer and open the cartridge door.
  2. Locate the old cartridge and release the latch to remove it.
  3. Unpack the new cartridge, remove the protective tape, and avoid touching the electrical contacts.
  4. Insert the new cartridge into the correct slot and snap it into place.
  5. Close the cartridge door.
  6. Your HP printer software will prompt you to align the cartridges for optimal print quality.

Top Tip from HP:

Always turn off the printer using the power button to prevent cartridges from drying out.

By following these tips and using genuine HP 67 cartridges, you can ensure exceptional printing performance for your HP Deskjet or HP Envy printer and contribute to a greener environment. Happy printing!