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Canon MB2160 Printer Ink Cartridges
Explore our selection of products manufactured for your Canon Maxify MB2160 Printer. Rest assured, all Canon MB2160 ink cartridges we offer are of a high quality. Unlock remarkable savings while enjoying the best ink quality for your Canon MB2160 Maxify Printer today.

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Supplies for the Canon Maxify MB2160

Standard Ink Cartridges
Canon PGI-1600 Black
Canon PGI-1600 Cyan
Canon PGI-1600 Magenta
Canon PGI-1600 Yellow

High Capacity Ink Cartridges
Canon PGI-1600XL Black
Canon PGI-1600XL Cyan
Canon PGI-1600XL Magenta
Canon PGI-1600XL Yellow

Features of the Canon Maxify MB2160 Printer

Are you running a business from home or just printing a lot of documents from your home study? Then the Canon MB2160 is the multi-function printer for you. Packed with great office features that connect you to your digital workspace, you’ll never be more equipped to conquer any work task. Get a maximum print resolution of 600 x 1200 dpi so your documents can be crisp and clear. Four single ink tanks are used to get the best quality to represent your work. Pigments inks are used to demonstrate high quality prints. Canon maxify inks are water resistant, so you can highlight over your work straight out of the printer. The Canon MB2160 is an efficient printer. Keeping cost down is important while still achieving the quality you want. Canon PGI1600xl ink cartridges with this model can delivery 1,200 black pages and up to 900 colour pages on average. The ability to print conveniently and easily in duplex means, you can cut down on your paper costs. A simple auto on and off feature will ensure that your printer is not constantly switched on and using power.

  • 2.5 inch touch screen display
  • Individual ink cartridges – standard & high capacity
  • For those that still need it, fax is available
  • High capacity paper trays, holding 250 pages
  • Set up administrator access and pre-set your administrator to receive status email notifications such as things as low ink or out of paper
  • Duty cycle of up to 20,000 pages / month
  • Handles various paper types including label paper, plain paper, envelopes and photo paper

In conclusion, the Canon Maxify MB2160 printer cartridges available at Inkjet Online stand as a testament to superior printing solutions that cater to a range of professional and personal needs. With a precise compatibility designed for the Canon Maxify MB2160 printer model, users can anticipate consistent and exceptional printing results, meeting the demands of both intricate graphics and essential documents. Inkjet Online’s commitment to offering genuine and compatible cartridges underscores their dedication to providing reliable options for their customers, coupled with a reputation for outstanding customer service. By opting for these cartridges, users are investing in a dependable and efficient printing solution, supported by a supplier that values performance, quality, and customer satisfaction above all.

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