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Canon TR8660 Cartridges
Explore our selection of products manufactured for your Canon Pixma TR8660 Printer. Rest assured, all Canon TR8660 ink cartridges we offer are of a high quality. Unlock remarkable savings while enjoying the best ink quality for your Canon TR8660 Pixma Printer today.

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Supplies for the Canon TR8660

Standard Ink Cartridges
PGI-680 Black
CLI-681 Black
CLI-681 Cyan
CLI-681 Magenta
CLI-681 Yellow

High Capacity Ink Cartridges
PGI-680XL Black
CLI-681XL Black
CLI-681XL Cyan
CLI-681XL Magenta
CLI-681XL Yellow

Extra High Capacity Ink Cartridges
PGI-680XXL Black
CLI-681XXL Black
CLI-681XXL Cyan
CLI-681XXL Magenta
CLI-681XXL Yellow

Features of the Canon TR8660 Printer

The Canon TR8660 is a high-spec home office printer. In addition to print, copy, scan, and fax, the Pixma Home Office TR8660a supports a broad range of paper types and has a built-in memory card slot which expands it uses. Get flexible with the way your printer receives paper – either through rear paper feeding or via front paper cassette. Scan and copy multiple pages with ease. The TR8660a automatic document feeder takes up to 20 pages and feeds paper one page at a time to scan or copy, meaning you won’t have to manually replace each page. Every function is within easy reach with the large 4.3 inch LCD touch display and simple interface. The clear buttons mean quick access to the printer’s primary functions. The Canon TR8660a multi function has improved Wi-Fi connectivity for simple setup, enabling quick and easy printing from your computer or smartphone. Connecting to a smartphone is even easier with the QR code direct connection function. Equipped with a memory card slot, the TR8660a allows you to print directly from your SD card, further streamlining printing.

Canon produces most of their cartridges in a standard yield size and a high yield or XL. Some printers also use extra high yield, or XXL cartridges, like the TR8660 & TR8660a. All three cartridge sizes are the exact same size and install in your printer the same way, the only difference is the amount of ink that is inside the cartridge.
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Replacing cartridges in the Canon TR8660 printer is quick and easy. Canon printers are very user friendly. Use genuine Canon cartridges in your printer to ensure easy operation and replacement of printer cartridges. You can update your firmware and keep your printer updated with the latest security features. It’s really important to keep your network and devices, which includes your printer, secure. Using genuine Canon cartridges is a major benefit, your printer will tell when inks are getting low and almost due for replacement.  Giving you time to purchase more cartridges before they run out. You don’t need to replace your inks until the red cross appears. Your machine protects itself from damage when you use Canon printer inks. If you want to help the environment, genuine Canon cartridges can be recycled through the Cartridges 4 Planet Ark program. Canon helps to pay for this program. They are a environmentally responsible company and well worth supporting.

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