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Canon TS706 Cartridges
Explore our selection of products manufactured for your Canon Pixma TS706 Printer. Rest assured, all Canon TS706 ink cartridges we offer are of a high quality. Unlock remarkable savings while enjoying the best ink quality for your Canon TS706 Pixma Printer today.

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Supplies for the Canon TS706

Standard Ink Cartridges
PGI-680 Black
CLI-681 Black
CLI-681 Cyan
CLI-681 Magenta
CLI-681 Yellow

High Capacity Ink Cartridges
PGI-680XL Black
CLI-681XL Black
CLI-681XL Cyan
CLI-681XL Magenta
CLI-681XL Yellow

Extra High Capacity Ink Cartridges
PGI-680XXL Black
CLI-681XXL Black
CLI-681XXL Cyan
CLI-681XXL Magenta
CLI-681XXL Yellow

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The Canon Pixma TS706 is perfect for the home or a small office space. The best choice for a small space, the compact size of the TS706 enables both photo and document printing at high volumes. Print Assist, every step of the way. This product is covered by Canon Print Assist. Get easy, step-by-step instructions to set up and use your printer. If you have a problem, you can contact the Print Assist team to help you solve your problem and be up and printing in no time. Smartphone printing made easy. Print your document or photos from anywhere via your Smartphone- even when youre not at home! The TS706 printer supports printing from: Airprint, Canon Print app, Google Cloud Print and PIXUS Cloud (which enables printing from social media, Amazon Alexa, Google Drive, One Drive, Evernote, Creative Park and IFTTT). Supports your business. This printer supports Wired LAN with high security and stable communication speeds while also enabling you to manage remote printers from just one location- perfect for your small business needs. Print with just your voice. This printer supports smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa-enabled devices and Google Assistant terminals. Tell your smart device to print a coloring page for the kids, or ask it which inks are running low. Reduced footprint. The new and greatly improved printer engine enables a reduction in energy consumption by 18% compared to the previous model. With a reduced width by 80mm, the TS706 is Canons most compact small office printer.

Canon produces most of their cartridges in a standard yield size and a high yield or XL. Some printers also use extra high yield, or XXL cartridges, like the TS706. All three cartridge sizes are the exact same size and install in your printer the same way, the only difference is the amount of ink that is inside the cartridge.

To conclude, the Canon TS706 printer cartridges available at Inkjet offer a premium printing solution that meets a diverse range of printing requirements. Boasting an extensive selection of authentic Canon cartridges and compatible alternatives, users can anticipate unmatched print quality, consistent performance, and exceptional value. These cartridges have been thoughtfully engineered to seamlessly integrate with the Canon TS706 printer, ensuring effortless installation and optimal print outcomes. Whether tasked with printing documents, cherished photographs, or creative projects, these cartridges consistently deliver vivid colours, precise text, and reliable results.’s unwavering commitment to delivering high quality products, combined with Canon’s cutting-edge technology, firmly establishes the TS706 printer cartridges as the preferred choice for individuals and businesses striving for excellence in their printing endeavors.

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