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Avery Buff Shipping Tags: Your Versatile Solution for Identifiable Labeling

Discover the versatile Avery Buff Shipping Tags, designed to ensure secure and easily identifiable mailing information for both short and long-distance shipments. These shipping tags feature reinforced eyelets for exceptional strength and durability. With a smooth dual-sided writing surface against a neutral background, your text stands out for effortless reading. Unstrung for your convenience, these tags allow you to attach them using your preferred method such as string, wire, or plastic, making them ideal for mailing boxes, parcels, warehouse labeling, and more. Beyond shipping, Avery Buff Shipping Tags offer endless possibilities for labeling products, promotions, art and craft projects, gift tags, and even unique place names and favours for weddings and events. Unleash your creativity and customise tags to suit your every need.

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