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Returns and Refunds

Your use of this website and purchase of our products and services is an acceptance of Inkjet Online’s terms and conditions as described on this and other pages on our site.
Inkjet Online provides a 100% fault free guarantee on all products we sell.

Return Authoristation Number

To return a product, you must first contact us to obtain a Return Authorisation (RA) number.

Returned goods cannot be accepted without an Inkjet Online RA number, which is valid for 14 days from the issue date. When sending goods back to us, the RA number is to be clearly marked on the copy of your invoice.


We do not give credits or refunds for unwanted goods, where the item(s) purchased is/are over 90 days old from the invoice date (Genuine ink & toner cartridges only)

Returned goods must be in the original packaging, unopened, undamaged and free of any shipping labels or marks, otherwise credit will be refused. We recommend using different external packaging for shipping to ensure goods returned are in good condition and not damaged in transit.

All unwanted goods returned to Inkjet Online will incur a minimum 20% restocking fee + courier fees to return your items to our suppliers.

Ausjet brand compatible ink cartridges will incur a 30% restocking fee as charged to us by Ausjet – Unwanted Ausjet product must be returned within 14 days of purchase – otherwise credit will be refused by Ausjet.

It is the customers responsibility to pay the freight charges and insurance associated with the product return and to ensure you have a proof of shipping for goods returned to us. Goods that are shipped with ‘receiver to pay’ will be rejected by us, leaving the courier responsible for appropriate disposal of the returned items.

We will only take back and offer credit or refund on goods that we can be sent back to our suppliers for credit.

Product being returned must be in 100% as new condition – including the packaging – No exceptions – credit will be refused by our suppliers.

Returned goods must be accompanied by a copy of the purchase invoice with RA (return authorisation) number.


20% minimum restocking fee

Minimum re-stocking fees apply to goods returned more than 14 days after delivery date.
• 14 – 30 Days, less 20%.
• 31 – 60 days, less 25%.
• 61 to 90 days less 40%

Ausjet brand compatible ink cartridges incur a 30% re-stocking fee (must be returned within 14 days of purchase otherwise credit will be refused by Ausjet)

Shipping Fee on Original Order – Costs incurred by Inkjet Online associated with sending the original order, such as delivery costs incurred by Inkjet Online not charged, will be deducted from any refund.

Courier Fee to return your product for credit to our suppliers – All product will be returned to our suppliers using a courier service, thus the fee will be deducted from your return.

Please Note: The original shipping fee (if charged) is NOT refundable.


Once you have contacted us for a Return Authorisation Number you will be supplied the appropriate address to send your product.

Please be sure to package your product appropriately for transit.

It must be a a sturdy box so it is not damaged in anyway when it reaches our returns department. If you product is damaged in transit your claim will be refused as we cannot send back damaged product to our supplier for credit.


You must Contact us to obtain a Return Authorisation number otherwise you claim will be refused.

Returned goods cannot be accepted without an Inkjet Online Return Authorisation Number.

There are many occasions where both toners and ink cartridges which are returned are found not to be faulty. Please ensure you have performed your printer recommended installation and printer head cleaning and/or alignment procedures before returning any goods to us.

As a rule we do not give credits for returns where the goods are over 3 months old (90 days) from the invoice date. This is due to manufacturers and suppliers restraints. Exceptions are made for some products where we have specific latitude given to us by the manufacturer of the product and our suppliers.

Laser / toner cartridge returns cannot and will not be processed without printed pages from the cartridge in question. There will be no exceptions as we are unable to obtain credits without these.

Most cartridges have to be over a minimum weight before we can accept them for return.

If the product has been refilled or tampered with in any way, the credit will be rejected.

All cartridges must be sealed and secured to ensure they do not leak or get lost in transit – leaking / damaged cartridges will not be eligible for credit / refund.

Return Authorisations are only valid for 14 days.

All returned product must be accompanied by proof of purchase and original packaging.

Once the product has been received by Inkjet Online it will be returned to our supplier for evaluation. The supplier must in turn send it back to the relevant manufacturer for evaluation and credit.

Inkjet Online will issue a refund / credit for the product, after receiving confirmation of the fault (if any) from our supplier.

If the product is found not to be faulty, the Courier Fee incurred by Inkjet Online will be charged to the customer and the product will be made available for collection for 14 days and then destroyed if not collected within that time frame.

All returned products are carefully examined and tested upon return for evidence of tampering and fraud. Serial numbers and expiry dates are cross referenced. If a product is found to be working correctly, out of date or has been tampered with, the customer will be informed and the cost of returning that product to the customer will be borne by the customer.


Please be aware – we will not process refunds for compatible cartridges due to firmware updates.

Compatible cartridges are sold for current machine software / firmware / drivers at the time of purchase.
If you have updated firmware / drivers etc it makes the compatible cartridge – ‘incompatible’ with your printer and is obviously beyond our control.

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