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Ausjet Inkjet Cartridge Troubleshooting:

Before installing the ausjet cartridge

Please remove remove :

1) Yellow vent tape
2) Orange or Black clip depending on cartridge

Cartridges may contains (1) and/or (2).

(Do not shake the cartridge before installing. This puts air into the system and your cartridge and printer will not work properly until the air is removed)

Installing the cartridge

After installing the cartridge the printer will perform a cleaning cycle. This cleaning cycle attempts to prime the cartridge so that sufficient ink is in the right spot in the cartridge to allow it to print correctly.

Seems the cartridge won't fit or is a different shape

Some of the Ausjet cartridges appear different shaped or coloured than the original (genuine) brand printer cartridge. Ausjet cartridges will be physically different but are still designed for the printer.

(Note for Epson and Brother Printers) : Ausjet cartridges often use a different exit port material or system to the original (genuine) brand cartridge. This system means a little more force than the original brand cartridges is required the cartridges to fit correctly.

If the cartridge is not detected by the printer - 'not recognised' or similar error.

1) Remove the cartridge from the printer and wipe the electronic chip gently with a tissue.

2) If number one does not fix the problem. Turn the printer off for 10 minutes at the wall. Turn it back on

3) If number two does not fix the problem, replace the cartridge.

4) If number three does not fix the problem and the problem is happening with more than one cartridge. It is most likely an issue with the firmware of the printer not being compatible with the cartridges chip.

If the cartridge is not printing well after installing

1) If after installation the cartridge is not printing a good quality then you will need to perform another cartridge clean. This can be done through the software under maintenance/tools and also through the printer if it has a menu system.
2) After the clean is finished, perform a nozzle check / print quality report (under maintenance/tools) so you can see the result of the print after the clean. If the quality of the print does not improve start again at step 1.

The cleaning cycle will force ink through the cartridge into the print head. When installing a generic ink cartridge you must perform a cleaning cycle to ensure the ink is pushed into the print head.

Generic Ink Cartridges for Brother & Epson printers

Brother and Epson printers uses Piezo technology. Piezo technology is very susceptible to air ingestion. What this means is that if you install a cartridge and it is printing poorly or not at all and the cleaning function/s did not improve it sufficiently. Then there is now air inside the print head. Do not shake the cartridge before installing in the printer.

When a new cartridge is installed, the same problem will continue until the air is removed from the print head of the printer.  The only way to fix this problem is to keep doing cleaning cycles. The maximum to do is 3 at one time – then wait a few hours and repeat if necessary.

Once the air has been removed the printer will start functioning correctly.

Genuine or Generic Inks?

Should you use genuine or generic inks in your printer?  It’s a question we often get asked.   Really it depends on the quality you require from your printer and how much your printer cost.

Compatible and generic cartridges will definately shorten the life of your printer.  This is mainly becaused ink level readings are not accurate.  Some of the cheaper printers won’t even give you an ink level reading.  This means you have to change the cartridge when the print becomes faint or streaky otherwise you are damaging the print head.

Inkjet printers need ink flowing through the printhead otherwise it heats up and burns out.

Our advice, alternate between the genuine and then compatibles.  It keeps your printer functioning longer.

If you want to use generics make sure not to install firmware updates. Installing a firmware update means your generic cartridges will then not be recognised by your printer.  This means you will have to go back to using the OEM cartridges.

Be sure to turn off automatic updates in your printer.  If your not sure how to do this, refer to your printer manual or go online and find details for your printer.

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