USB Hubs

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A USB hub is a device that allows you to expand the number of USB ports available on your computer or laptop. It is a small box-shaped device that typically has several USB ports on one side and a single USB cable on the other side that connects to your computer.

A USB hub is useful if you have a limited number of USB ports on your computer or if you need to connect multiple USB devices to your computer at the same time. For example, if you have a laptop with only two USB ports and you need to connect a mouse, keyboard, external hard drive, and printer, you can use a USB hub to connect all of these devices to your computer at once.

Using a USB hub can also help you to organize your workspace and reduce cable clutter. Instead of having multiple USB cables connected to your computer, you can have a single cable connected to the USB hub, which makes it easier to manage your cables and keep your workspace tidy. Browse our range of USB Hubs, connect all your devices.