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Showing all 16 results

At Inkjet Online, we offer a comprehensive range of whiteboard markers to bring your ideas to life on the whiteboard. Whether you’re in a classroom, office, or meeting room, our high-quality whiteboard markers provide vibrant colours and smooth writing experiences, ensuring your presentations and brainstorming sessions are both engaging and effective.

Vivid and Intense Colours: Our whiteboard markers feature vivid and intense colours that make your ideas pop. From bold primary colours to subtle pastels, our markers offer a spectrum of options to suit your creative needs. Whether you’re highlighting key points, creating diagrams, or adding visual elements to your whiteboard, our markers deliver vibrant and eye-catching results.

Smooth Writing Experience: Enjoy a smooth and effortless writing experience with our whiteboard markers. The ink flows consistently and evenly, allowing you to write with precision and clarity. With minimal pressure required, you can effortlessly glide the markers across the whiteboard, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted writing experience.

Easy to Erase: When it’s time to start fresh or make adjustments to your whiteboard, our markers are designed for easy erasability. The ink can be easily wiped off with a whiteboard eraser or a dry cloth, leaving no residue or ghosting behind. This ensures that your whiteboard stays clean and ready for your next brainstorming session or presentation.

Long-lasting Performance: We understand the importance of reliable markers that can withstand frequent use. Our whiteboard markers are built to last, offering long-lasting performance. The ink is formulated to resist drying out, ensuring that your markers provide consistent colour and writing quality over time. This means you can rely on our markers for extended periods, without worrying about them running out quickly.

Versatile Applications: Our whiteboard markers are not limited to just whiteboards. They can also be used on other non-porous surfaces such as glass, porcelain, and laminated surfaces. This versatility allows you to unleash your creativity and use the markers in various settings, from classrooms and offices to home environments.

Inkjet Online offers a wide range of high-quality whiteboard markers from trusted brands. Browse our collection and find the perfect markers to enhance your presentations, brainstorming sessions, and visual displays. Experience the vibrant colours, smooth writing, and easy erasability of our whiteboard markers, and take your whiteboard interactions to the next level.